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Cabling, Paging and Overhead Music

Office CablingComtek can handle all your office cabling needs. Whether you need one cable ran or multiple cables ran. Every job is treated the same no matter how big or small. We pay close attention to detail and every cable run will be tested and identified.

Here is a brief summary of cabling, paging, and overhead music services that we offer.

  • Office cabling
  • Riser feeds for multiple floors
  • Demarc extensions for Line, T1, PRI, IAD, DSL and more
  • Coax for TV or Cable modems
  • Fiber - Single Mode or Multi Mode
  • Paging Equipments
  • Paging Speakers
  • Music overhead

Paging and Music Products

Paging SpeakersComtek can provide a professional paging solution to quickly contact employee’s overhead. With multi zone paging you can specify certain areas of the office to receive the page or you can all page the entire office. Music overhead can also be provided when the paging system is not active.

  • Single Zone
  • Multi Zone
  • Music Overhead
  • Talkback

Brands offered:

  • Valcom
  • Bogen

What We Offer

  • Phone Systems (Traditional & VOIP)
  • Voicemail Services
  • Overhead Music
  • Paging & Carrier Services
  • Voice, Data, Fiber, Coax Cabling
  • Headsets & Accessories
  • Conference Speaker Phones
  • Universal Analog Phones
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply Units
  • Line Sharing Devices for Voice, Fax, and Modem

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Brands We Offer






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